PMA Long Course Initial Test Syllabus and Pattern

In this informative article, I will Completely guide you about PMA Long Course Initial Test Syllabus and Pattern, Past Papers in PDF. If you want to Join Pak Army PMA Long Course as Commission Officer Second Lieutenant after FSC and Graduation then you are to undergo some academic tests and Intelligence Tests on a computer, Physical tests, and Medical tests for final selection to ISSB.

If you have completed your Matric, Intermediate, FSC, and Graduation and you want to serve this nation then you are to pass important initial tests which will be conducted at Pakistan Army Selection Center on a computer-based MCQs. So Stay On this page and read the Pakistan Military Academy Kakul Test requirements below.

PMA Long Course Initial Test Syllabus and Pattern

PMA Long Course Initial Test Syllabus and Pattern
PMA Long Course Initial Test Syllabus and Pattern

Initial Academic & Intelligence Test Syllabus For PMA Long course

Candidates are to undergo initial pma test questions are MCQs based on written tests are Intelligence Tests ( Verbal and Non-Verbal) at Pakistan Army Selection and Recruitment Centers. All tests will be conducted on Computer. If you want to join Pak Army as a 2nd Lieutenant then these tests must be passed.

Academic Test

Total MCQs: 50

Time Allotted: 30 Minutes

PMA Academic Test Subjects

PMA Initial Academic Test comprises the following subjects and How to Pass PMA Initial Test

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Pakistan Studies
  • Islamiat
  • General Knowledge

PMA Long Course Initial Academic Test MCQs

Following academic MCQs are repeated in every Pakistan Military Academy Long Course for PMA Long Course Initial Test Syllabus and Pattern.

1- The headquarters of NATOO is located in?

  • Bressels

2-United Nations was Foundated on which Date?

  • 24 Oct 1945

3-OIC has ……………. Official Languages

  • Three 3

4-Indonesia Currency Name is?

  • Rupiah

5- Red Cross Headquarters is located in?

  • Geneva

6- world Trade Organization is founded in?

  • 1995

7- SAARC Heaqquarters I located in?

  • Nepal

8- 5000 to 6000 is the age of?

  • Snobber Tree

9- Kahteeb ul Ambiah was the title of?

  • Hazrat Shoaib AS

10- First Mosque on the earth?

  • Quba Mosque

11- Prophet S.A.W lived in Madina for how many years?

  • 10 years

12- Badar Means?

  • Full Moon

13 Warsak dam is located on which river?

  • Kabul River

14- Ghazwa Tabook was fought against?

  • Romans

15- which is the largest museum in Pakistan?

  • Lahore Museum

16- First Governor-General of Pakistan is?

  • Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

17-Balochistanis ….% of Pakistan
18-The Second Largest City In Pakistan is?
18-The National Tree of Pakistan Is?
19-Nehru Report date?
28 August 1928
20-Simla Agreement was signed on?
02 July 1972
21-Lahore Resolution was presented by?
Fazlul Haq on 23 march 1940
22-Indus Waters Treaty was signed in Karachi on?
19 September 1960
23-All Mulsim Leaguage was formed on?
30 December 1906 in Dhaka
24-The Headquarters of the All India Muslim League was established in?
Lucknow, India
25-The Radcliff Line was published on?
17 August 1947
26-In the absence of the president, who will act as president?
Chairman Senate
27-Qissa Khawani Bazaar is located in?
28-Which Province of Pakistan is known as the Fruit Basket Of Pakistan
29-The highest peak of the Hindukush range is?
Tirich Mir
30-The Height of K2 is?
8611 meters (28251Ft)
31-Height of Nanga Parbat is ?
8126 Meters
32-Which is the Hottest Place in Pakistan?
33-Which is the coldest place in Pakistan?
34-The Longest Railway Tunnel in Pakistan is?
Kojak tunnel
35-River Bolan Flows in?
36-Tarbela Dam is Built on which river
37-Mangla Dam is Built on which River?
38-The largest desert in Pakistan is?
Thar Desert
39-Does Pakistan come at which number in the world with respect to the area?
40-What is the total length of the coastline of Pakistan?
41-The Sindh Sagar Doab is the area between?
River Indus and Jhelum
42-Ganji Bar is located between?
River and Sutlej
43-Rachna Doab is located between?
River Chenab and Ravi

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Intelligence Test

PMA Intelligence test comprises Verbal and Non-Verbal Intelligence Test for PMA Long Course Initial Test Syllabus and Pattern

Verbal Intelligence Test

In the verbal intelligence test there will be 84 MCQs and candidates have to complete this test in 30 Minutes just

PMA Verbal Intelligence Test Sample

Non-Verbal Intelligence Test

In the non-verbal intelligence test there will be 86 MCQs and candidates have to complete this test in 40 Minutes just

PMA non-Verbal Intelligence Test Sample

PMA Initial Intelligence Test Sample Papers PDF

Candidates may download Intelligence Sample Papers in PDF format from Below Link for PMA Long Course Initial Test Syllabus and Pattern

Initial Verbal Intelligence Test Sample Papers

Initial Non-Verbal Intelligence Test Sample Papers

PMA Long Course Initial Physical Test

Following is the initial PMA physical test which is conducted at Pakistan Army Selection and Recruitment Centers AS&RC

  • Running: Candidates must pass 1.6 Km Running in 8 1/2 Minutes.
  • Push-Ups: Must pass Push Up of 15 Repetition in 02 Minutes.
  • Sit-Ups of 15 Repetition in 02 Minutes.
  • Chin Up required 3 Repetitions in 02 minutes.
  • Ditch Crossing must be 7’4″*7’4″ with a Dept of 4′ Feet.

Initial Medical Test for PMA Long Course

Following initial medical tests will be conducted at Pak Army centers ASRC and you must pass to get an ISSB call letter. How to Pass PMA Initial Test?

  • Eye Test
  • FBE(full body examination)
  • Hearing and speaking test
  • Flat feet
  • knee-knocking
  • Arms Angle
  • Hepatitis Test

So these are PMA Long Course Initial Test Syllabus and Pattern which are to pass to the final selection for Inter-Services Selection Board ISSB Call Letter.

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