PAF GDP Initial Test Syllabus-Pattern and Preparation

Hi, you will get here Pakistan Air Force General Duty Pilot GDP Jobs PAF GDP Initial Test Syllabus-Pattern and Preparation. If you want to Join PAF as GD Pilot and want to pass initial tests then this article is for you. Pakistan Air Force announced Jobs for General Duty Pilot twice a year. Male and Females of Pakistan are eligible to apply online for GD Pilot Jobs in PAF but must have complete eligibility criteria.

So, stay on this page to get the complete Initial test syllabus and pattern to Join PAF as General Duty Pilot GDP Jobs detail below

PAF GDP Initial Test Syllabus-Pattern- and Preparation

PAF GDP Initial Test Syllabus-Pattern and Preparation
PAF GDP Initial Test Syllabus-Pattern and Preparation

E-Testing For PAF GDP Initial Test Syllabus and Pattern

Before the detail of complete test syllabus, you must know about PAF E-Testin below

  1. PAF has introduced an e-Testing program for the selection of officers in various Branches of Pakistan Air Force Initially intelligence and Academic tests are administered through e-Testing; however, we are planning to extend this project to assess the personality of candidates as well. Candidates would undergo e-Testing according to the modern system of selection. The computer literate candidates would have slight edge over the candidates who do not have any exposure to computers.
  2. When the candidates report to the I & S Centre for the tests, they will find a computer ready for e-Testing. All the instructions will be displayed on the computer screen alongwith some examples. The instruction are as follows:

(a)It is an easy and short test to find out how quickly and accurately you can answer a series of simple questions in a specified time limit.

(b)All questions have five options as A, B, C, D, & E. You are required to click on the most appropriate answer.

(c)It is necessary to pass every subject in the Academic Tests.

(d)You will be given a separate blank sheet for your rough work. You will submit the same at the end of test to the invigilator.

(e)Method to Correct your option:-If you want to correct your answer which you think is the right option, click it which would remove the previous option.

3. After instructions, some examples are displayed on the screen to make you clear about the nature of the tests, a story to understand the examples. After that, the actual test would be administered.

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PAF GDP Initial Test Syllabus, Pattern and Preparation

Following is the complete Paf initial test for GDP

Intelligence Test Syllabus for GDP Jobs

The first test you are to attempt is the intelligence test. Intelligence is consist of Verbal and Non Verbal tests conducted on a computer. This test consists of 100 questions and there will be no negative marking in this test. Your success in this test depends upon the number of questions you attempt correctly.

Following are the examples and past papers for GD Pilot Intelligence Test Syllabus.

Verbal Intelligence Test Pattern

Below are the sample Papers and examples of the Verbal Intelligence test

PAF GDP Initial Test Syllabus-Pattern and Preparation
Non-Verbal Intelligence Test for PAF GDP

Following is the Non-Verbal Intelligence Test Syllabus, Past papers, and Examples for test preparation

PAF GDP Initial Test Syllabus-Pattern and Preparation
PAF GDP Initial Test Syllabus-Pattern and Preparation

English Test Syllabus For PAF GDP Jobs

Following is the English Test Pattern

Choose the suggested answer which best completes the sentence. Select the correct spelling of the following word. Choose the correct “Indirect Speech”.Fill in the blank with a suitable word.

1.We seem to agree ____________ almost everything.

(a)to (c)on(b)with(d)about

2. Showing a sense of humor or amusement.

(a) Humor (c)Humorous(b)Humorous (d)Humorous

3. He says to me “I am tired”.

(a)He says to me that he is tired (c)He says to me that I am tired.

(b)He tells me that he is tired(d)he tells me that he is tired.

4.The chimney of our house is blocked with ____________.


5. Indicate the voice “Who wrote it?”.

(a)Active voice(b)Passive voice(c)Exclamatory

Mathematics Test Syllabus and Pattern For PAF GDP Jobs

Following is the detail and test pattern of Mathematics for PAF Gdp Jobs

1.Let A = {1,2,3,4,5,6}, B = {4,5,6,7,8,9,10} then:

(a)A B = {4,5,6}(c)A B =(b)A B = {7,8,9,10}(d)A B = {1,2,3}

2.Division is a binary operation on

(a)Set of natural number(c)Set of negative integers(b)Set of positive integers(d)None of the above

3.f a dx = …………

(a)a /In a (c)a /In a(b)a /In a (d)a /In

4.The slope of the line passing through the points (4,5) and (3,7) is given by:

a(a)1 (c)-2(b)2(d)-1/2

5.2 Tan2 + Tan  X -X  X -X 2 Is equal tos equal to

(a)Cos 2 (c)Cosec 2(b)Sec 2(d)Sin 2

Physics Test Syllabus For PAF GDP Jobs

Following physics Topics are included for GDP Initial test In Pakistan Air Force Jobs

Measurements, Vectors and Equilibrium, Motion and Force, Work, Power and Energy, Circular Motion, Fluid Dynamics, Oscillations, Waves, Physical Optics, Optical Instruments, Heat and Thermodynamics, Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Electromagnetism, Electromagnetic Induction, Alternating Current, Physics of Solids, Electronics, Dawn of Modern Physics, Atomic Spectra, Nuclear Physics.

So, This is the complete PAF GDP Initial Test Syllabus-Pattern and Preparation.

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