PAF Airmen Selection Procedure and Criteria Step By Step

Hi, I am going to guide you about Airman Induction in Pakistan Air Force on title PAF Airmen Selection Procedure and Criteria Step By Step complete Detail. This Selection procedure will be implemented on all Airman Trades in PAF like Aero Trade( Aero Technician, Aero Support), Female Medical Assistant FMA( Nursing Assistant), GC( Ground Combatier), Provost ( PAF Police), PF, and DI( Physical Fitness and Drill Instructor), Sportsman, Fire Fighter(Rescue 1122), Education Instructor, Music, and Air Intelligence AI.

After Online Registration on PAF website for PAF Airman Jobs, you are given a registration slip for the following tests. If you are interested to get knowledge about Pak Air Force Airmen Trade Selection Criteria then satay on this page

PAF Airmen Selection Procedure and Criteria Step By Step

PAF Airmen Selection Procedure and Criteria Step By Step

To Join PAF as Airmen, Aero Trade and Female Medical Assistant You Must clear the following fields.

(a)    Intelligence Test

(b)    Academic Test (English / Maths / Physics/Biology)

(c)    Medical Test

(d)   Personaliity

(e)     Interview

(f)      Final Merit List

Intelligence Test For Airmen Selection In PAF

After Online Registration the first you are to appear is an Intelligence test. Intelligence test date, time, and venue are also printed on the registration slip or roll number slip. Intelligence is conducted online on the computer and there is no negative marking. Intelligence test syllabus includes;

  • Verbal Intelligence Test
  • Non-Verbal Intelligence
  • Total MCQs: 100
  • Time Alloted: 60 minutes

Successful candidates from the intelligence test are proceeded to academic test on the same day or another day according to PAF Information & Selection Centers management.

Academic Test For Airman and FMA Selection In PAF

To Join PAF as Airmen After Matric you must pass MCQs based academic tests on a computer online. For selection in Pakistan Air Force, you must clear all tests. Following Subjects includes in Academic tests;

  • English: 50 MCQs in 20 Minutes
  • Physics: 25 Mcqs in 15 Minutes
  • Maths: 25 Mcqs in 10 Minutes
  • Biology: 25 Mcqs in 15 minutes ( For FemaleMedical Assitant FMA)

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Initial Medical Test For Selection In PAF

Successful candidates from academic tests are proceeded to initial medical test. Medical test is conducted in Pakistan Air Force Selection and Recruitment Centers which includes the following test;

  • Heigt Measurement
  • Chest Measuremmet
  • Blood Test
  • Hepatitus B, C test
  • Eye Test
  • Ear Test
  • Colour Blind Test
  • Heart Beat Test
  • Flat Footed Test
  • Knee Knocking Test
  • Genital Examination

PAF Airmen Selection Procedure and Criteria Step By Step

Personality Test for Selection In PAF as Airmen and FMA

After final selection, you are called for personality tests. In this test, you are judged if you have any negative thoughts in your mind. Some questions is asked to judge your personality and mindset. The following type of questions are asked;

Personality Test for Selection In PAF as Airmen and FMA
Personality Test for Selection In PAF as Airmen and FMA

Note: Intelligence tests, academic Tests, Personality tests,s, and initial medical tests may be conducted on the same day or a separate day according to the number of the candidates. So, you must be prepared yourself for all the above-mentioned tests on the first day.

Interview for Selection In PAF

To Join PAF as airmen interview is conducted by Air Headquarter team comprises of 3 members including a psychiatrist. The interviewer asked some questions and checks the following points

  • Personality
  • Confidence
  • Dressing
  • Your are to introduce yourself in Urdu and English
  • Your familly memebers names and details
  • You are to asked matric numbers
  • Your are to asked defence forces chiefs name
  • You are to asked General Knowledge questions
  • Your likes and dislikes
  • your favourite personality in Pakistan and world
  • Asked questions for trade your are applying in PAF
  • Your Hobby
  • Capital of world countries

Final Merit List of Airmen Selection in PAF

Airmen and Female medical Assistant FMA Final Merit list is made on overall performance in following fields;

  • Intelligence verbal and Non Verbal test overall numbers
  • Academic Tests numbers
  • Personality Test
  • Medically fitness numbers
  • Interview performance

To come in merit list you must take maximum numbers in above mention fields.

PAF Airmen Selection Procedure and Criteria Step By Step

Final Selection for PAF Airmen and Call Letter for Training

Once you come in the final merit list, call letters are sent to your address for training. PAF Airmen basic training for all trades is conducted in PAF Airman Academy Korangi Kreek Karachi.

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